'member that time?


'member that time when i signed my own yearbook? and remember how all i wrote to myself in eighth grade was:
Hey Hun

and remember how someone else a bunch of other girls also wrote "hey hun" but some of them spelled it "hon" and so i changed my totally original signature from "hey hun" to "hey hon" halfway through the yearbook signing sess?

and remember how at the beginning of that year, i forgot about school picture day and this is what i looked like on school picture day?
but remember how despite my awkward school picture [or maybe because of the picture] i still was popular enough to get voted "funniest girl" in the whole eighth grade?!?

that's right people, out of 367 kids, i was voted funniest. eat it.

this blog is linked to my hilarious friend paige's blog here.


  1. hey hon,

    hilarious. have a great summer and stay sweet.

    paige van voorst

  2. LisaGrace,

    <3 you! You're such a good person!

    If you were the funniest girl in 8th grade, this new year's goal of being more hilarious should be a cinch! :)