newborn hat

contrary to popular belief, we are not trying to get pregnant in order to fill these shoes. i swear, everyone wants a little dimpled redheaded alsbury baby these days. okay, so maybe i want one too...but, no! we're content right now. : )

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anyway...i made the booties and this teeny tiny hat for veritas' first and favorite newborn, hudson michael! doesn't the duck make a cute hat model?

mike and alicia are in our connection group and i thought it would be just adorable if their sweet baby boy had a some hand-knit winter gear! although, when i dropped off dinner and the gift last night, i looked at hudson's head and i think he's already a little too big for the hat. whoops! alicia, you'll have to let me know how/if it fit! : )

pictured below is the matching set:

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  1. I wasn't aware that me making a bad joke constituted as "popular belief". I'm not sure if I should be scared about that or what.

  2. you're not the only one who has "made a bad joke" about it, martin. : )