about me

Bryan + Lisagrace
June 2008

look, let's face it, the only reason you even clicked on this link is because you're nosy. i know it, you know it, let's just admit it. i do the same thing. you want the dirt! you want to know all the details about my life, because that's what we use the internet for nowadays. well, because i am just like you, i'm giving the people what they want.

i'm lisagrace. yep, that's my whole first name. nope, i don't have a middle name. i like to write, hence the blog. i like to make things, hence the crafts. i like to budget, hence the periodic financial updates and such. i love jesus and what he did for me, hence the references to my faith.

i'm married to an amazing man, who also happens to be a ginger, which i love. my dad is also a redhead, so i'm mildly obsessed with having future red-headed children. that comes up a lot

i come from a big family, i have four brothers, one sister, a total of 31 first cousins, etc. my parents are amazing so i want to be an amazing parent someday to a lot of kids. preferably redheads. [see above]

will i be disappointed if my children are not redheaded? of course not. that would make me a horrible person. duh.

oh yeah, i also think i'm hilarious and try really hard to keep up my appearances in that regard. i find that people think it's funny when i admit that i'm trying to be funny, so i keep admitting it to keep the laughs rolling. i don't know when this started in my life, but i used to be a complete and total homeschool nerd who wore pink and black plaid pants with matching bows in her hair so "pretty" and "popular" were words that were out of my league. i think "funny girl" started to fit me in eighth grade.

what else?