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so far, seattle...

so far, seattle is pretty great. the other morning i got to look at a beautiful mountain range on my way to work. i don't expect to get tired of that view.

we were smart to move here on the dawn of spring, because we've actually had quite a few sunny days. the rain hasn't bothered me at all, but i already love the sun more as i see it less often. 

i've been honked at several times. boo. it's only annoying because i can't change the fact that the cars in front of me are turning very slowly, so honking at me is pointless. city problems i guess. 

on a related note, i officially got stuck in traffic yesterday. it was probably the first time in my life that i've ever actually been stuck in traffic since i'm a born and raised iowa girl and all. this wasn't horrible seattle traffic, this was just downtown renton traffic. but still, we weren't moving for a good ten minutes.

i noticed the other day that i have not seen a single walmart. anywhere. it's awesome. only target. i thought about doing a google map search to show you how scarce the walmarts are here, but then i decided that they are probably lurking out there somewhere and i'm choosing ignorance. i'm choosing to live in a world with no walmart. 

at bryan's parents house we have three city issued trash/recycling receptacles. one for trash, one for recycling and one for yard/food waste. the recycling and yard/food waste bins are literally TWICE as big as the trash bin and the trash only gets picked up once every two weeks. crazy hippies. [i secretly love this about seattle and want to be a crazy hippie]

so that's seattle so far!


random thoughts on a sunday

i really thought i would have tons of time on my hands...time to blog and craft in particular. but there are a few things that are keeping me quite busy:

  1. we live with two other people now (bryan's parents) so, we automatically have people to hang out with when we're not busy.
  2. because we had to leave iowa city so quickly, i've been working from seattle to pass all my veritas responsibilities to different people. i've been working on that quite a few evenings after i get home from work.
  3. WE LIVE IN SEATTLE. this place is seriously so cool. and WE LIVE HERE. we have so many adventures to go on, so many things we can do. it's crazy. i love iowa with my whole heart, but it's really cool to live in such a sweet place. 

we've also been visiting churches which has been weird. i'm not used to being a visitor in a church. i feel horrible about attending a church one week and not coming back. during announcements, i mentally comb through our calendar to make sure i can make it to "salad night" for the women or the tuesday night prayer function. 

it's definitely a strange feeling. 

veritas launched their service in cedar rapids today. bryan and i prayed for them this morning, and i was brought to tears by how wonderfully God has blessed that church. it was SUCH A HUGE BLESSING to be apart of God's work in little 'ol iowa. that's what i've been praying for here. we want a family like we had at veritas (and cornerstone before that). we want to be apart of bringing God's glory to this area through a church we love and loves us. we'd love for you to join us in that prayer.

blog 'ya later. happy palm sunday!