baby booties

Blog 002

aren't these just the cutest? i found the basic pattern here. i think the "moccasin" style is stinking aborable, but my mom pointed out that most moms like to have simple clothing that will go with a lot. she's so wise. so i used a neutral "boot" color and a blue.

it was a challenge working with such tiny needles, but now i'm that much more practiced at knitting.

Blog 001


  1. Next project = Making someone to fill those booties?

  2. I am signed up for a beginning knitter's class tomorrow and i can't wait! haha

  3. Cute! I usually make little hats for new babies, but I've been wanting a different idea - you can only make so many hats before getting bored. Thanks for the idea! (also, I like the neutral colored boots too. Moms always know best!).