'member that time?

'member that time when i bossed my littlest brother adam around all the time, but i gave him money to compensate him for his troubles? 'member how i would send him on all sorts of errands for me, be it running to get me a candy bar from char's, the neighborhood gas station, or simply a glass of ice water from upstairs, meanwhile i would just dole out the washingtons like a queen?

'member how at the height of my laziness, as i was lounging on the couch, i asked adam to go to the bathroom for me, because i just couldn't get up to go?

well, he obviously couldn't serve me to that level [without a catheter], but he was still such a good brother.

ps: happy 19th birthday to my baby brother adam two days ago!

[it's 'member that time monday at the van voorst's blog!]

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