baby blanket


whew, this is definitely the biggest project i have undertaken yet. and i am so proud of how it turned out. my cousin and i say all the time, knitting is magical. it really is! what was once a rolled up piece of yarn is now a beautiful blanket, ready to provide warmth and comfort for it's owner, which in this case is baby thune. our pastor's wife, ashley, is due in may. a bunch of us church women gathered to celebrate with her last sunday, we're all so excited for this baby!


i absolutely loved ashley's face when she saw the blanket, it made all the time spent on this fun project worth it for sure. i've had the joy of getting to know ashley this semester in a bible study we're in together, and when i saw this pattern, i knew i wanted to make this for her!

i found the pattern, by the way, in a brand new book called a knitter's home companion. it's written by an iowa city local and is a most adorable collection of stories, recipes, and knitting patterns. it's also the only book i have finished so far this year, so it has that going for it. if you're a knitter, i highly recommend picking this book up!

happy crafting!


  1. i was trying to decide if i should buy this book, and this convinced me...lol

  2. LOVE IT!!!! :) Someday when I have little ones you will be getting a phone call--for more than one reason!

  3. it's beautiful!!! someday I want to be as good a knitter as you!

  4. LG, knitting IS magical--I know that feeling every time I look at something I've completed. And the blanket you made IS beautiful--it was such fun to see Ashley's face. Thanks for teaching me to knit!