she did half the laundry


so you hate doing laundry. and you don't want to smell. what would ami do?

wear the same thing twice in a row.

simple, yet genius. before i saw the beauty of this, and thought it was kind-of embarrassing, i would wear an outfit and then hang the clothes that didn't seem too dirty back up in my closet. but after they sit in the closet for a while, they get smellier than i realized. i was talking to my mom a couple weeks ago and she made some joke about always wearing the same outfit two days in a row. we chatted about it and i realized: my mom has done it again, she's a freaking genius.

monday and tuesday i wore the same outfit twice. it was awesome and i didn't smell, but i'm still doing half as much laundry. the best part was, i didn't see anyone on monday that i saw on tuesday, so it wasn't even embarrassing!

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  1. this is interesting that you bring it up:
    i've decided that i'm stripping my wardrobe (save for nicer things) down to 7 v-necks and 2 zip hoodies from target.

    it's been two weeks, and its kind of hard to feel like i've been wearing the same thing for ages, but i look good in v-necks and i feel casual, yet not sloppy.

    i'm working on being comfortable enough on giving away the 70% of my other close (but i'm sure will keep more than v-necks.) but you know what i mean.

    it's actually fairly refreshing/relieving. i don't wake up all confused and rushed about what i'm going to wear.
    downside: it's not the most feminine of outfits, but with different accessories/jeans/flats, i can glam it up a bit. :)

  2. Anonymous3/09/2011

    I TOTALLY do this too! :) heh.