'member that time?

'member that one day when my big brother levi was left in charge of us for a while? 'member how i was being incredibly annoying while he was washing the floor? 'member how i kept singing [and managed to get my brother mark on board too] my own little parody to an amy grant twila paris song [as corrected by my mother] where i repeated over and over in a sing-song voice: "god is innnnn control! not leviiiiiiii!" 'member how i sang it so much and taunted him about bossing me around that eventually i got him to crack and he ran after me, tackled me to the ground and started jumping on me in a rage fit for an eleven year old?

and 'member how he ended up spraining my wrist and my parents made him pay for the doctor's bill?

yeah, i was a horrible little sister sometimes.

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  1. I had no idea that is what caused the rage! I laughed out loud but I am a bit more sympathetic towards Levi now! BTW-I think it might be a Twila Paris song?

  2. my mom the fact checker. i'm sure you're right.