compassion international

have you heard of compassion international? you likely have. it's a cause that has gained wild popularity. and unlike the bachelorette, their popularity is well-deserved.

this is a multi-faceted organization who has found an incredible balance when it comes to the job of supporting impoverished children and families. i've listed just a few things they provide:

  • a monthly financial support program that connects the able to children in need of clothing, food, and education in impoverished areas of the world
  • a deeper connection between the sponsor and sponsored by allowing for pictures, updates and correspondance along with the financial contribution
  • amazing compassion-run programs for the children that allow the gospel to be delivered while also meeting the physical needs of those in need
bryan and i support an almost 11-year-old girl from the dominican republic. i love receiving her letters and hanging her cute drawings on my fridge. she has truly become a part of our family.

how can you contribute?

this week, i'm giving away five handmade crafts from lullabies for africa!

simply leave a comment on this post if you'd like to win this adorable pin.
my sister-in-law put a lullabies pin on her winter coat-i must say, it's pretty cute!

i'll randomly select the winner at the end of the week!


  1. (i'm all about winning these prices) :) But... we support a child from India through World Vision and LOVE IT! We hope to 'adopt' a few more children in the near future. It's a small way to make a LARGE difference.

  2. yay! I'd take a pin for my winter coat. and I, too, really love Compassion.

  3. I love Sugi. Sugi loves me. Compassion International is AWESOME!

  4. i've been with my girl since 2005. she's 11 now. :) it's madness to think about how old she is. she's simply beautiful.

  5. Yay Compassion! do you think you'll ever go and meet her? that would be so fun!

  6. Thanks for doing this week's postings Lg. You're inspirational.

  7. okay okay...totally adding a comment just because I want a chance to win the lullabies from africa cd. :) love compassion and all they do!