for my non-facebook friends

Photo on 2011-07-22 at 13.42 #4

sometimes, i get cahrazy and chop my hair off. and i know at least one person (ahem, leah) doesn't have facebook. so this is for you, leah! here's the new do! i'm pretty much in love with it!

here was my inspiration:


  1. Anonymous7/22/2011

    Oh yay! This is an adorable cut on you!

  2. I saw the inspiration on your pinterest page! (don't you love that site?) It is super cute on you! Thank you for thinking of us non-facebookers... "Hello? Are there anymore of us out there? Hello?" I want you to share some of your cahraziness with me. :)

  3. kelsey, this haircut is dedicated to you! : ) seriously, i've never had such a perfect picture to show my hairstylist, so double thanks! i love it!

    leah, i love you and i love that you're awesome and don't have a facebook. but i love that you have a blog so i can still stalk you! : )